Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Greenpeace 'Inspiring Action'

Here's a pretty nifty video the folks at Greenpeace have knocked together. Doing the rounds on Twitter and racing up the charts on YouTube, gaining them a bit of 'free' publicity.

The premise behind the video is to inspire three million people to become 'activists' for Greenpeace. Putting on my cynic's hat, I wouldn't exactly say this particular process of becoming an 'activist' necesssarily constitutes activism - it simply means signing up to receive 'action alerts' and a newsletter.

However, that's a substantial number of people receiving information about topics they may not previously have had any knowledge of and hopefully, will spur them into actually taking some kind of action, whether its simply writing letters to MPs and businesses or dodging harpoons and nuclear tests.

And I have to admit, the video does stir the loins somewhat. Think I need to buy some climbing gear...

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