Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I was hoping to update you all with news from the Saro-Wiwa vs Shell trial, but we still have to wait until 3rd June for further developments, when a pre-trial conference will be held. So to make up for the lack of news, I've put together some of the interesting 'stuff' I came across in the past few days that is worth sharing.

First up, funny man Marcus Brigstocke lampooning MTV's 'Cribs' to present a video guide to his 'ecopad', ie: an environmentally friendly home. OK, it's not that environmentally friendly a home (he admits as much at the end) and it doesn't ask important questions such as "Where does this energy come from?" but if it gets yoofs to think about their behaviour then it's a start.

For better ecopads, check out the Passivhaus.

Secondly, documentarian Nick Broomfield has just put his latest piece of work up on the Greenpeace website - a mini-documentary about some truly brave Greenpeace activists who broke into Kingsnorth power station in 2007 and scaled the gargantuan chimney there.

In at number three is the work of a campaign group trying to highlight the irresponsible behaviour of Chevron Texaco by subverting their latest advertising campaign.

And finally, an awesome life size image of a blue whale, along with a poignant message.


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