Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Reading Links

Some more of what I've been reading the past week.

China's farms pollute as much as its factories
Over use of fertilizers to increase production on Chinese farms means they cause just as much pollution (of waterways) as other sources, such as power stations, according to a study released by the Chinese government.

Skeptical Science iPhone App
Often get into arguments with climate change skeptics? There's an app for that... The Skeptical Science blog have created an app (only for iPhone/iPod) that lets you pull up the science to counter down skeptics' arguments. It also includes a function to record which arguments skeptics use most frequently.

Appfrica: Coltan from the Congo to your mobile
Appfrica Labs have created a map to track the origins of coltan, a valuable mineral used in many electronic gadgets including mobile phones, most of which comes from the conflict torn Congo.

Climate change denier 'proves' climate change
Former US TV weatherman and climate change skeptic Anthony Watts inadvertently reinforced warming estimates when he set about collating temperature data from US weather stations in an effort to prove changes were due to the Urban Heat Island effect.

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