Wednesday, 12 August 2009


With all this toss about US healthcare reform dragging the poor NHS into the American right's woefully ignorant and misguided argument, aided and abetted by their willing accomplice, Daniel Hannan MEP, why are British diplomats in Washington so mute?

According to the Guardian:
The British embassy in Washington is quietly trying to counter inaccuracies. A spokesman said: "We're keeping a close eye on things and where there's a factually wrong statement, we will take the opportunity to correct people in private. That said, we don't want to get involved in a domestic debate."
Shouldn't they be making these corrections in public? I can understand not wanting to get embroiled in American domestic policy, but we owe it to our friends across the pond to set things straight about healthcare in this country when it's being desecrated by scum like Dan Hannan and his new arse licking Fox frat bros to fit their own agenda, if only so the American people can make a judgement based on informed argument rather than outright bullshit propagated by lobbyists and capitalists who fear losing control over a cash cow populus.

Some people on twitter have pointed out that if the NHS was an actual business these gobshites would be issued with libel writs. Grow some balls and smack 'em down Ambassador Nige.

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