Monday, 21 December 2009

Cop Out Camp Out

Climate Campers swooped on the centre of Copenhagen to protest against the Hopenhagen campaign which activists claim is symbolic of the greenwash clouding talks at the climate summit.

Fifty odd demonstrators sprang the surprise protest at City Hall Square shortly after seven on Thursday evening. The Hopenhagen campaign has taken over the square to provide a space for people to call for a fair deal at the CoP15 talks.

However, one of the main sponsors of the event is Coca Cola who recently launched a PR campaign focusing on water use despite continuing to steal vast quantities of water from communities in India to feed their thirsty factories.

The protest was also an act of solidarity with activists who have been camped out in London for the duration of the talks in an effort to draw attention to the false solutions being discussed in the Bella Center.

The action began when a number of activists set up their pop up tents beneath the giant spherical video screen at the heart of the Hopenhagen arena.

Police initially asked questions before trying to stop more tents being erected but overwhelmed by the influx of further demonstrators retreated and called for support.

Activists formed a human chain around the few tents and sang chants such as "Our climate, not your business!".

Minutes later a senior officer arrived but somewhat surprisingly announced that campers were free to stay for up to an hour despite having no permission. A quick consensus decision was taken in the group and police agreed to let people stay until midnight and the tents stay until 2.00am.

Shortly after, activists walked over to the glass TV2 television studio and held up banners outside during a live broadcast.

By 11:30pm only a few activists remained alongside their tents and they were reportedly driven back to the crash space in Vestvolden by police after midnight.

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