Monday, 7 December 2009

COP15: It begins

I've been a bit quiet on here lately, I do apologise, but I've been busy with mountains of university work (more on that later) and a bit of the sniffles. Nonetheless, the Copenhagen summit kicked off today and on Friday I'll be leaving merry old England on a coach with the Climate Camp crew for a week gallivanting around the Danish capital. I'll be blogging and updating via Twitter daily so keep an eye out.

For the time being, here's a few links of interest.

Whilst the attention is fixated on Copenhagen for the next couple of weeks, maybe some pressure can be put on the Danish government to cease the cruel slaughter of dolphins in the Danish territory of the Faroe Islands?
Link via @huwspanner

Take a brewery, throw in some Gitmo-inspired interior design and what do you get? Detention centres, Copenhagen style.

"Critics call the holding pens — and a variety of other security preparations made as thousands of government officials, heads of state, environmental groups and assorted anarchists descend on the Danish capital — over the top. The police say the reactions of the critics are overheated, if predictable."

The first issue of a newsletter (pdf) produced in Copenhagen, "giving the latest news from COP15 and climate struggles across the globe. It is produced collective by Institute for Security Studies, Carbon Trade Watch, and Earthlife Africa Jhb."

Includes articles on global trade from an environment perspective, the carbon lobby and a fact sheet exploring why the talks are on the wrong path. There's even a crossword.

Climate Camp have occupied part of Trafalgar Square and intend to stay there for the duration of the Copenhagen talks. Follow events on the Climate Camp website.

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