Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Voting Yellow

I thought I best write something about the election, so here's a quicky. I would go into more detail but the entire build-up is wearing me out to be honest.

I'm most probably going to vote Lib Dem. I say most probably because every time I think about tomorrow, my stomach lurches between hope for a Lib-Lab coalition and fear of a Tory victory. I shan't say anymore about the latter possibility, but it's enough to make me question whether voting Lib Dem in a Labour seat could let them sneak in the back door, even if it is relatively safe. I guess it's something I'll sleep on.

Whilst I completely recognise the many progressive achievements of Labour's three terms there are, without dwelling on it, many policies that I find utterly reprehensible. These include the erosion of our civil liberties on countless fronts, hawkish foreign policy, Trident renewal and the deluded Digital Economy Act. Furthermore, they've continually promised us electoral reform but in thirteen years have failed to deliver. I value democracy, freedom and my rights and genuinely fear for their future under further Labour rule.

Consequently, this is why I will be voting Liberal Democrat: in the hope of a Lib-Lab coalition in which the pair can temper the excesses of each other. Labour can stem the Lib Dems' appetite for liberal economics while the Lib Dems can try and bring to an end Labour's love affair with the police state. Imagine it: a government actually pursuing something akin to a broadly left agenda! Furthermore, maybe we'll finally get a fair electoral system. And ignore the hysteria about hung parliaments. If anything, every Parliament should be hung so we actually see some sensible deliberation and thought as bills pass through rather than combative, misguided power politics.

So there you go, my thoughts on the election summed up, sort of...

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